By day, I’m an evil marketer, slaving away for corporate overlords who want to take over the world, destroy the environment, and eradicate the middle class. Or not. Because a lot of what we do is really about moving us forward, solving the crisis du jour, and uplifting everyone.

js photo 1And that’s just it. Things ain’t never really black and white. And if you think we’re going to end up in a post-apocalyptic future, you may have a helluva surprise coming.

Or not.

By night, I write. A lot of it is fun, easy-to-read, fast-paced stuff that occurs in near-future scenarios and explores stuff like the transition to post-scarcity economies and accelerating change. Some is . . . a lot crunchier. I was a finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for a really wacky alternate history, entitled Panacea. Someday I might finish the sequel to that one. I’ve also been a first-place winner for the Writers of the Future Contest for a very far-future piece I wrote, called Kinship.

Now, I have a couple of novels coming out. The first, in 2011, Winning Mars, is a novel-length version of a story that appeared in Interzone 196. Oddly enough, I’ve already released Winning Mars as a PDF . . . but, fair warning, the print version will be quite a bit different. The second is Eternal Franchise, which explores the universe a couple hundred years after the events of Winning Mars. Kinda a sequel. Ish. That one has been serialized on this blog.

So. Yeah. Writing. It would be good to make it the day job, but for the moment I’m having fun. How about you?