“Critically Acclaimed Giant Robot Novel” isn’t Something You Hear Often

The Mayans may be right. The world may be coming to an end in a few short days.

Maybe, on December 21, everything will cease to exist. Or transform into a whole new realm of matter. Or the world might just change into myriad rainbow colors, and we’ll all ride around in a yellow submarine…no, never mind, that’s a different apocalypse, isn’t it.

But maybe the world is coming to an end. There’s no other way to explain why Kirkus Reviews decided to take a look at Mecha Rogue, my latest novel under the Brett Patton pseudonym.

Yes, you read that right. Kirkus. Giant robots. Review.

And there’s no other way to explain why, well, the guys are Kirkus seemed to, well, kinda like the book:

In style and violence, a hybrid of the movies Transformers and Independence Day: the sequel to Mecha Corps (2011)…

Slam-bang action with never a dull moment: imagine a 21st century Lensman series, if anybody still remembers E.E. “Doc” Smith, without the latter’s lofty black-and-white moral tone and awful prose.

Yes, that’s right. Mecha Rogue is a New and Notable book on Kirkus Reviews. Check it out!

What’s more, Kirkus decided to talk with me a bit about the Mecha Rogue universe, my writing, and general SF stuffs. You can check out the interview here.

Aaaand…you all know what you gotta do.

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